Caliber Management Systems

Caliber Information Systems offers maintenance and repair (M&R) cost control and compliance solutions to the Transportation Industry. Caliber focuses on the Intermodal Sector, specializing in inspection and equipment readiness services. We combine our industry M&R experience with our applied technologies. more»

Innovative Services

We provide our customers with cost mitigation programs and visibility into M&R activity to help ensure compliance with corporate procedures and governmental regulations. Our innovative handheld inspection technologies provide our customers with improved M&R documentation. Our proprietary Spection™ software is built for efficient usability with the latest ruggedized mobile devices. more»

Compliance Focus

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has rolled out their CSA initiative. The goal of the initiative is to enforce compliance with laws pertaining to chassis equipment roadability. Those who interchange or repair equipment are accountable, and non-compliance can be costly. more»

What's New?

Caliber Launches EZPO System

North Wales, PA, Sunday, March 09, 2014 - Caliber Information Systems announced today that it has initiated the roll out of the newest addition to its mobile maintenance and repair Spection™ system. This new module, called EZPO, was pushed to production for TRAC Intermodal last week at four container facilities in the New York / New Jersey area.
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